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  • Image of AMBASSADOR21 "Fuck All Systems"

AMBASSADOR21 "Fuck All Systems"

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INV041 (C)&(P) Invasion 2007

5th AMBASSADOR21 full-length album "FUCK ALL $Y$TEM$".
If you are looking for clean intelligent sound - forget it. It's impossible to insert this belorussian duo expression into generally accepted stereotype of exemplary life. This album deserves its name completely, it is saturated by pure energy from the first till last minute. If you have strong imagination about what that - AMBASSADOR21, if you know what you are waiting for - get it.
Are they more diverse? Yes. More deep? Yes. More electronic? Yes.
Does they changed? No. They are strong and sexy.
Dense and noisy electro hardcore wall of sound which can be ferocious and merciless. But their anger always with a smile - from ambivalent ironic lyrics in Russian and English to forceful pounding industrial kicks, brutal synth layers and explosive broken beats seasoned by psychopathic glitches. And duel of earfucking vocals which make their music absolutely unique.
That's AMBASSADOR21 as you have learned to like them - but harder, louder, younger. Ultra fucking destroy.
Incl. remixes by S.I.N.A., IMMINENT, SYNAPSCAPE.

01. In Love
02. Now I Complete & You Will Suck
03. Megeneration
04. Fat In Fire
05. Fuck All Systems (corporate edition)
06. Strong, Brave, Angry
07. Flesh Of My Flesh
08. Black Mix 66
09. Make It Loud
10. Smell Of Exemplary Life (live)
11. Black Mix 66 (remix by S.I.N.A.)
12. Fat In Fire (remix by IMMINENT)
13. Fuck All Systems (remix by SYNAPSCAPE)